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Happy birthday mum and baby Jesus.

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First, a foreword.

I live in a country where the following things are true:

  • Mamma Mia is the highest grossing film of all time.
  • Public opinion is almost fully controlled by two tabloid newspapers.
  • Il Divo can have an album at #2 on a top 40 chart.
  • Boy-bands are still popular, and not subject to ridicule.
  • Katie Price aka Jordan is a respected member of society. But wait, there’s more: Her son is blind, autistic, and has trouble walking. All things most likely caused by her consumption of alcohol, cocaine and whatever else while pregnant. Britain, where role models are actually models.

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Well, it would appear that my most recent post attracted a little outside attention! It’s always nice to have new visitors. And if it is at all possible that my peculiar rambling has convinced you to come back again, I hope you enjoy your stay.

For the record, I shall share with you, the fact that the founder of King of Shaves, Mr. Will King, called my last article of writing ‘unusual’ and ‘well written’ and stated that he ‘enjoyed reading it’. This is awesome. You can see proof here. I’ll just take a second to allow you to tick the “endorsed by the founder of a major company” box on your good blog checklist.

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