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Je’taime Paris!

So last week I headed on a wee adventure, left Chris at home to work, girls weekend/few days exploration in Paris

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For those of you who have somehow missed our photographs in our previous posts, here they are all in one. Including the recent zoo trip. Lucky!

You must use these links to access the albums, because I have decided that I like being annoying.




Chester Zoo


After five and a half weeks of being unemployed the day of doom finally arrived. A week delayed but still it arrived.

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Land of the Scouser a.k.a Liverpool. European Capital of Culture 2008

Chris and I headed off for another little day trip. This time only 30miles away but 1hr on the bus.  Had a list of things to see and places to go from old work buddie Dickie who is from Liverpool. Scousers have a really different accent to the folk in Manchester.

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Blackpool. Dungy. Manky. Tired. Eclectic.

Still was nice to get out of Manchester and start exploring.

Day started with what we thought was a normal tram ride into the city, only to find out that a tram had de-railed in the city. This meant us getting off 3 stops early and in search of a map to find the bus station. Made it with plenty of time then of course the bus has been delayed. Only by 15 mins but still. Great start.

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So we had a bumpy start in our path to finding a nice place to live but we finally found somewhere. After numerous estate agents being crap and places being expensive to get set up in we turned to flat shares. We have found a nice room in a terraced house in Sale. Sale is 10minutes on the tram to Altrincham, 15 mins to Manchester Central and about 20 mins to the Trafford Centre.

The room is large enough for the time being. An added bonus is that the monthly rent includes all bills and has a fully furnished kitchen so we don’t have to worry about any of that. even has a cleaner come fortnightly to clean communal areas. Sweet. The largest room in the house is becoming available in the next couple of weeks so we will probably move into that one. The landlord is sweet and gave us the keys pretty much straight away. Estate agents were a crock as they wanted us to give them £175 and a completed application form so they could credit check us and stuff. And after all that they could still decline your application and not give you your dollars back. Yay for the one month in advance and the one month deposit.

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