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Posted on: December 25, 2008

Happy birthday mum and baby Jesus.

hell yes

hell yes

click to observe in full size detail.


2 Responses to "GOT MY XMAS SORTED LULZ"

hey u should play legendary my friend says its really good its like someone opens pandoras box in the 21st centuary, and play Dead space he says thats an awesome game. i played call of duty world at war was kinda a hard game had hard leaves but when u finish the game u unlock nazi Zombies secret leave kinda freaked me out its like u have to survive waves of zombies and they give u money each one u kill means u can buy new weapons. i also heard that the new final fantasy 13 is on xbox as well

haha nice chris i bet u have been playing gears of war the most? 😛
and nice amount of beer to go with the xbox……. merry christma and new year hope u have had a good/super triffic fun time in england for the holidays.

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