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Special Festivus Post: Airing of Grievances AKA Dishonorable Mentions 2008

Posted on: December 23, 2008

I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you’re gonna hear about it.

Special section dedicated to Guns n Roses who receive the following awards:

  • Worst album cover of the year (Chinese Democracy)
  • Album that I couldn’t bear to listen to after more than two tracks (Chinese Democracy)
  • Worst ever fifteen year wait for an album (Chinese Democracy)
  • Worst hollow shell of a band that only features one of the original members
  • Most retarded frontman who refuses to believe that he can no longer make music (Axl Rose)
  • Band that I wouldn’t even piss on to save them from burning to death

Typical Redneck Award 2008 goes to:

McCain and Palin supporters from Ohio.

These people are the embodiment of awesome.

“…I’m scared the blacks will take over.” – Old lady (age 1000)

Watch out guys, the blacks are gonna take over! Look! They are taking all your stuff right now while you read this!

At least the less evil candidate won the election, now we shall see what the future holds.

Greedy Jew Award: David Gilmour, Live In Gdańsk

Pink Floyd’s current dead-horse flogger thought it would be a good idea to release a live album for those who just can’t get enough of his watered down radio friendly incarnation of Pink Floyd. But, being the greedy Jew that he is, he released not one, not two, but four versions of this album. Five if you count the vinyl release. The price ranges from about £9 for the basic version, to £75 for the vinyl release. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 2 disc version containing the concert on CD
  • 3 disc version containing the above plus a DVD featuring 114 minutes of concert footage, plus a 36-minute documentary
  • 4 disc version containing the above plus a 5.1-surround sound mix of On an Island and 11 extra audio-visual tracks taken from various TV appearances
  • 5 disc version containing the above plus an extra CD containing 12 bonus live tracks from the 2006 tour as well as a wallet of memorabilia.

Sure, he knows how to play a guitar reasonably well, but does he need to dance on the grave of Syd Barrett and piss all over the memory of Pink Floyd while he does it? Greedy Jew.

I’m really harsh, aren’t I? Oh well. I’ll just go and feel guilty while I listen to Animals. Then Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

Weather in the Northern Hemisphere:


The Price of DVD/Other entertainment media in New Zealand:

What a joke!

Games, $120. YES PLEASE.

National New Zealand Loser Award:

Glyn Maclean

Runner up, his mail order bride/musical slave, Yulia.

Commended: John ‘Smarmy’ Key

Other Disappointments:

All the publications that rated Kings of Leon’s Only by the Night their album of the year. Obviously, they a) didn’t listen to anything else this year, or b) didn’t listen to the album and couldn’t be bothered picking anything else.

MGMT. Seriously? There are about two semi decent tracks on an album that is really boring on the whole.

Lil’ Wayne. I tried. I still don’t get it/him.

Metallica. Hah.

I just started watching Boston Legal, and now it’s finished? What? Still rules.

They continue to make Saw films, and people continue to see them.

Apparently DC Comics killed Batman this year. Meh. I give it 6 months before everything is back to normal.

I’ve just started turning this into a ‘who can I piss off before the year’s end’ list.

Happy festivus, you bunch of Jews.


2 Responses to "Special Festivus Post: Airing of Grievances AKA Dishonorable Mentions 2008"

Wow. Just wow.

i think u need to go punch a kitten 😛 to vent.

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