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Manuelgate: 2008’s biggest crock of shit.

Posted on: October 31, 2008

You may have seen or read about this, where a couple of radio journalists (Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross) called the house of Andrew Sachs (Manuel from Fawlty Towers) and left ‘rude’ messages pertaining to Brand’s sexual escapades with Sachs’ granddaughter. My serious and important opinion follows:

FACT: There were messages that included the phrase “he fucked your granddaughter.”

FACT: Initially, the BBC only received about two complaints about the broadcast, it was only after it was blown out of proportion by the tabloid media that the BBC received 30000 complaints. From people who hadn’t even heard the broadcast.

FACT: Sachs’ granddaughter, Georgina Baillie did have sex with Russell Brand.

FACT: Baillie is a known topless model, and exotic dancer. Also performs with a group called the ‘Satanic Sluts’

FACT: Baillie called for the sacking of both Brand and Ross, but upon hearing of Brand’s resignation, accused him of ‘being unable to take the heat like a man’.

FACT: Britain is retarded, and obviously under the control of tabloid newspapers who dictate their every move and thought.

FACT: Someone really needs to shoot Kerry Katona, her husband, and put the rest of their families into mental care.

QUESTION: Why the fuck is the fucking Prime Minister getting involved in this clusterfuck of epic proportions? Surely there are more important things to do?

FACT: I saw Ross’ television show a couple of weeks ago, it was pretty funny. Gordon Ramsay cooked him eggs, with white truffle grated over top. Need I say more?

FACT: Despite having a silly haircut, Russell Brand has a pretty sweet beard.


1 Response to "Manuelgate: 2008’s biggest crock of shit."

Russel Brand – On the Road prity funny if u can find it and interesting as well

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