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Posted on: October 28, 2008

This week!

Movember. It’s almost that time of year again, my face gets to have clean parts on it. It shall feel refreshing.

My Hero.

My Hero.

The Black Seeds. Going to see them on friday, funny that we have never seen them live in our own country, had to travel 12000 miles to sort our shit out. And me without a ‘We’re Cousins’ t-shirt.

New Bloc Party album. After a little ‘persuasion’ and listening to the retail release, I think I like it.

Six Feet Under. Final season! Its still incredible!

3 dvds for £20 at HMV. It sounds like 3 for $50 to you, but in reality, it would probably cost $120 for the equivalent. I’m having trouble resisting the temptation.

Watchmen. You should probably read it before the hype machine really starts up. Then at least you will know what the hell its about. Trailer.

Control. The Ian Curtis biopic that I finally got around to watching. Awesome, wonderfully shot, and all in Black and White.

Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers. People still think they are slippers. I got a new pair and they still win.

Retarded customers. For instance, the woman with three teeth who had me spend about ten minutes searching our systems for a Princess Diana video, only to be told that we didnt have it, and then go to another of my colleagues and get him to search for it as well. How does this person exist? Or the person who asked me for a copy of Tomb Raider 2. Or the person who kept asking for the ‘Bionic Man’ TV series. I asked if he meant the six million dollar man, he said no. I was later proved to be correct.

Teeth. I dont understand this country. I’ve seen mummified remains with whiter teeth.

Cold weather. It’s obvious really, my extremities are feeling numb, and other parts are being withdrawn to conserve warmth. Horrible fact that I must come to terms with: It’s going to get worse, much worse.

Retarded Traffic. Over 9000 people wanting to park in the shopping centre at the same time, causing a traffic jam and ruining the buses. Me waiting almost an hour at the bus stop before deciding to walk home. I hope those idiots got trapped in the mall/died/children got eaten.

Things getting lost in the mail. Enough said.

Electro/Pop. It’s just a phase. Some of these bands need to die in a fire.


1 Response to "Happy/Sad"

I will no longer be a fan of England if this next package doesn’t make it….how were the black seeds? and Mr Brand does have a sweet beard and I am a fan of RB.

Oh you think you have lame customers….I save this ladies wallet, put it in the safe, call her from looking at her licence…she comes the next day to get it, asks how I got her number I tell her…she says thats illegal and she didn’t aprreciate it…and then leaves….Whaaaaaaat??? Oh my word! Princess Di video sounds like a walk in the park Brains!

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