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Five *s I’m loving right now

Posted on: September 26, 2008

Because nobody requested it, and because I feel like fellating my ego once again today, here is stuff I like this week. Things for you to think about, and appreciate as I do. You aren’t allowed to disagree.

1. Bruce Springsteen: Well I admit, I don’t know if I ‘get’ his later work, but Born to Run is a masterpiece. Friends, money, crime, girls, and the back streets of America. You should probably go and listen to it now. Relive your youth, or discover an era in which you wish you had been alive. There is a reason why he is called ‘The Boss’. Because he is. Live, I think some of the negative tones of some of the tracks are a little lost in the whole exciting rock’n’roll thing, but its forgivable.

2. The Streets – Everything Is Borrowed: You have to admit it, Mike Skinner is an awesome genius. Personally, I think his latest album is a step back in the right direction after the less than wonderful The Hardest Way To Make and Easy Living from 2006. Everything is strangely upbeat, despite some of the more negative subject matter. The Streets are a band that are definitely love or hate only. There isn’t a middle ground. The biggest criticism I hear is that ‘he just talks along with the music’. Well of course, this is hip hop music. You wouldn’t think twice if he was black and from America. Easily one of the best British artists still making music today.

3. Baroness – Red Album: Simple title, I know. But the cover is red, so it makes perfect sense. This managed to fly under a lot of radars last year, including mine. I’ve been totally thrashing the shit out of it lately and fully appreciate its wonderful awesomeness. I think this will be looked back on as one of the defining metal albums of our generation, it is epic both musically and visually (on vinyl.) I cannot wait to get home and see my copy in person.

4. MIA – Paper Planes: You have probably heard bits of this song already; it features in the trailers for Pineapple Express despite the fact it doesn’t even feature in the actual film (I love Hollywood). MIA’s Kala was released last year and I am slowly checking it out. This song is totally gangsta, more so than any shit made by American rappers at the moment. And all from a 31 year old London woman of Sri Lankan descent. Awesome.

5. The fact that I just got a job at HMV. I start Monday. I am stoked, but it took me a while. Like a fine wine.

What do you love this week? Please tell me you love America and it’s stable economy.


2 Responses to "Five *s I’m loving right now"

congratualtions.. musings that are actually eloquent enough to continue reading

Probably just because I praised something British 😉

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