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The Pretentious Cobra Companion Piece: FINAL.PROPER.HDTV

Posted on: September 8, 2008

I just had an interesting thought pop into my head. Given that probably 73% of my readership had no idea what any of the music I was referring to with such love last week, would it be worth it to perhaps share various samples of said music with the audience?

So I’ve thought about writing something and mixing in the odd youtube video, just for simplicity. But then I think to myself, would this take something away from the overall grandeur of the albums? Quite possibly. Some, are particularly a creation that is meant to be heard in its entirety, like say, Dark Side of the Moon. Singles my ass. I get bored, watching. Even bands that I really like. Music doesn’t need a visual quality, its already good enough just to listen to.

Obviously nobody will have the same personal experiences with the music (you’ll have your own), but at least you will know what on earth I am talking about. Thus giving you an opportunity to form your own opinion.

This shall be an evolving piece of work as I make up my mind, and possibly do research on the transmission method of said musical samples.

Something completely unrelated; of all the search terms used to link to my blog, my favourite from the last week was: “the perfect beard”.

I suppose this is a little topical, given the recent ‘Emm Tee Vee Vee Emm Ayys’ or, MTV VMAs as they are more commonly known. I absolutely despise the modern music video. To me, it represents the disposable nature of modern music. How many videos do we need that feature dancing women? Or bands looking gloomy in an abandoned warehouse/shed/picnic?

Surprise, the 2008 VMAs are not any different.

Firstly, the ‘Best Hip-hop Video’ category. A wonderful category. Where the basic concept of at least three of the nominee’s video is just the act themselves in fancy clothes, standing next to barely clothed girls who dance. This is the basis for most popular rap video/music. Best quality. Not to mention that three of the nominees are on the same major record label.

Just a side note, I hate T-Pain more than anything, ever. This man has no talent. Apparently the mainstream public thinks that using Autotune to disguise your inability to sing is a new and fantastic way to make music. Take note everyone, if you ever want a successful career in the music industry, pick this up. You will make millions. It worked for this buffoon.

Secondly, the ‘best dancing in a video’ category. This is self-explanatory.

Finally, as not to bore you and to get back on topic, the results of these awards are clearly rigged. I wonder how much it costs to buy a nomination or a win? For some strange reason, totally out of the blue, Britney Spears, yes the same person who everyone hoped would kill herself last year, wins both ‘best pop video’ and ‘video of the year’, for a god-awful song from her most recent audio abortion. Ten points to her publicity team, that woulda cost a bit. And to have this all coincide with her ‘comeback’ at this same awards ceremony. I almost feel like applauding. Fuck you MTV. You fake fucks ruined music.

dredg, 18 people living in harmony, live 2002.

Not really capturing the overall excitement of the album, but its a fair representation of their musical abilities.

The Hold Steady,  Stuck Between Stations, Live on Letterman 2007

I almost put the video for ‘Chips Ahoy’ in here because its actually a little clever, even though I have probably only seen the first 30 seconds or so. But I opted for this instead. 90% of the live videos on YouTube are very annoying. Why? Because they have all been recorded on someone’s cellphone. I’m not even sure I like this video of them either, the songs good, quality decent for a web video, but something seems a little ‘off’ about their performance. But this wasn’t about collecting their best performances as recorded by people on tv.

Death Cab for Cutie, Transatlanticism, live 2006

Despite hating on cellphone videos about 30 seconds ago, I thought that this video almost quite captures the epic-ness of this song being played live. If it werent for the distortion, it would be wonderful.

Isis, Wills Dissolve, live 2007

This lovely cellphone video just squeezed onto this list in favour of another, because it happened to be filmed in Auckland. I remember missing that show because I was at a wedding. I’m sure I’ll see them in the future sometime.

Sufjan Stevens, John Wayne Gacy Jr., 2005

It took a long time to find a video that I was actually happy with. From camera work done by sufferers of Parkinsons, to other people who cant shut up while they are recording, and even performances that I didn’t like all that much. This is an unofficial video, constructed from old safety videos and anonymous family footage. I looks to have been made with a lot of effort and is done very well with the song. The final image creeps the shit out of me.

Ka kite anō


2 Responses to "The Pretentious Cobra Companion Piece: FINAL.PROPER.HDTV"

Fuck you MTV. You fake fucks ruined music. LOL

dude you are a realy good writer

p.s i thank you agen for giving me Sufjan Stevens

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