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Yorkshire Bank

Posted on: July 10, 2008

After five and a half weeks of being unemployed the day of doom finally arrived. A week delayed but still it arrived.

Was lucky enough to have been out for a meal with my new work buddies the week earlier so knew who everyone was before starting at 10am on Monday. It also helps that the branch has 6 staff members (including me), and I alredy knew who I was.

Some things are very similar to at home but others are way different. As you know we got rid of silly little coing, but pennies and 2p coins are a big hit here in the motherland. Tellers system looks very similar. You don’t deposit cash and cheques into your account you “pay it in” so you have a cheque book and paying-in book. The tower is a drop box and is processed in branch. In fairness only about 20 come through the drop box each day. We still have daily work but cheques/slips going to processing are called outsourcing and each one is scanned into the computer.

I was on the counter today for the whole day by myself.  Have learnt heaps over the four days and am doing lots. I’m an A+ newby! :o)

I am getting used to the way the do things and can see how they can make things easier and smoother. Lots is still paper based and takes many days to be processed. Can also see how we can kaizen some things in NZ too. Think I will come back a different type of banker. Eyes are now wide open.

The 8 branches in the region are off out in Liverpool next Friday. Will be fun to party with the branch and meet everyone from the other branches.

Have been asked at least once a day whilst being on counter if I am from Australia. Billy, Branch Manager, would love it if I’d greeted customers with a “G’day Mate”.

All in all think this experience will be fab. Remind mee of this in 6 months when I am in the middle of a winter depression.

Miss my coffee at morning tea with my lovelies. Hope you are all still ‘saving the world one coffee at a time’

Keep in touch. Miss you all loads.


PS Get to order my wardrobe when I get a staff number and a new wardrobe has just come out. Black and Pink. Brill. Will have to get photos for you all :o)


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Good to hear everything is going well for you Briony 🙂

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