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In Scouser Land

Posted on: July 10, 2008

Land of the Scouser a.k.a Liverpool. European Capital of Culture 2008

Chris and I headed off for another little day trip. This time only 30miles away but 1hr on the bus.  Had a list of things to see and places to go from old work buddie Dickie who is from Liverpool. Scousers have a really different accent to the folk in Manchester.

We/Chris took lots of photos as he took the big camera. First of all we headed to Albert Dock on the River Mersey. River is very brown. Like grossness. While we were there we saw baby sized pirate ships enter the dock. One thing we did notice around the dock were these crazy lambanana statues decorated differently. They happened to be all round the city too. Found out from a scouser today that these lamb bananas are all to do with genetic modification. Google search images – lambananas- and you will see. They are rather cute.

Following on from Albert Dock we went to the Liver Building. On top of the Liver Building are two Liver birds. One watches protectively over the city while the other keeps an eye on the river. Quite impressive building. Lots of construction work going on around it as they are in the middle of building a new shopping centre.  (The shopping is BOSS)

As we all know the Beatles were from Liverpool so we went for a walkie down Matthew St and the Cavern. Saw the wall of fame and head The Beatles music all down the Cavern.  Beatlemania rules this city and so rightly so.

Lots of brilliant buildings around the city. St George’s Hall with Horses out the front. Chris made sure he pointed out being see the balls of the horses. As you can imagine. Behind St Georges Hall was what seemed to be a makeout park. The Museum and Art Gallery were across the road. And up a hill was the Liverpool Cathedral. Huge cathedral. Lovely view of the city.

Whilst out walking saw a Banksy. Yes Colin I know you are super jealous of Chris. Lots of pics just for you.

Had a lovely day out and about in Liverpool. Off to Liverpool again next Friday but will see the nightlife as invited on a work do….

For now, check out our Liverpool piccies HERE


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