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If I squint I can see America

Posted on: July 1, 2008

Blackpool. Dungy. Manky. Tired. Eclectic.

Still was nice to get out of Manchester and start exploring.

Day started with what we thought was a normal tram ride into the city, only to find out that a tram had de-railed in the city. This meant us getting off 3 stops early and in search of a map to find the bus station. Made it with plenty of time then of course the bus has been delayed. Only by 15 mins but still. Great start.

I didn’t find the bus ride too bad, was to busy looking out the window at the landscape. Still can’t understand why everyone lives in brick terraced housing that is identical to everyone in the town. Chris got a bit bored so for the way home we decided to get reading material and for our London journey definately ipod and irivers. Saw a website for mancat! he is famous here

Blackpool is a sight. I think its a place you must visit – only on a nice day- but a place you only need to see once. We walked all the way from North Pier to Pleasure Beach Amusement Park by South Pier. We made sure to walk down the side with all the shops. Selling trinkets, rock candy (everystore seemed to have rock candy), palm reading, arcade games – mainly the ones where you have a claw and retrieve a soft toy.

Make it all the way to Pleasure Beach has lots of sweet rides. We didn’t enter the theme park as we all know how much of a stomach Chris has for extreme rollercoasters, well any rollercoasters actually. So a miss to the theme park. All was not lost, Chris said if I bought him lunch he would come on the ferris wheel at the central pier with me. So off to McDonalds we went. It was tasty.  Our/My tummy was super full we waiting to head to the ferris wheel opting for a looky at what shops Blackpool had to offer.

Lucky we did this as we found HMV -Chris’ Ultimate Favourite Shop- with 2 CDs he wanted for only £10.  Had a wander round, Chris got asked to buy from a Gypsy and told he had a lucky face, until we headed for the Ferris Wheel Of  Doom. Passed all the carnies on the Pier to get to the Ferris Wheel Of Doom. Now we step onto Ferris Wheel, Chris gripping the hand rail with all his might, ferris wheel stops at highest point. Pause. Wait for new carnie  goers to get on. View was pretty. Circled a few times. Feet back on firm ground. Chris didn’t pass out or die – terribly proud.

Tide was way out so we went to touch the Atlantic Ocean. Very brown. But we touched it none the less. hand Sanitiser after that. If you squint hard enough at the right angle you can see America. LOL. Had to jump some rivers on the beach. By rivers I actually mean streams of waters. Chris is very good at leaping.

Burger King for dinner as they have mini angus burger value meal. Super sized. Bought some rock candy. Haven’t tried it yet but they look like boiled sweets only not in lollie sized pieces. Back to bus so we can go home to bed. Long Day.

On bus driver is giving blurb on safety harnesses, travel times, that he has spent the last 45mins cleaning the bus & doesn’t want to do this again once he gets back to Manchester and the toilet. There are rules around the toliet. At this point a guy – not Chris -was already in the toilet and had been in there a little while. Driver saying how toilet is ONLY for liquids and there is no toilet paper in there. Chris and I LOLling to ourselves at this point. Driver is oblivious. Stop at halfway point for 5 mins and driver goes to empty is travel coffee cup only to find a little suprise waiting for him. He was not impressed. We LOLled again once he couldn’t see us.

Manchester and the trams are working again. Thank goodness. Got home with a surnburnt faced Chris to go nigh-nighs.

PS Took a few piccies in Blackpool, check them out!



1 Response to "If I squint I can see America"


a little point on the title of this article. If for arguments sake the world was flat and people could see 5000 miles, my fair home, the island of ireland would obscure your view of america from blackpool.
Now before you argue with me and acuse me of being petty, imagine the situation of me standing on a beach in australia and saying “If I squint I can see the Chatham Islands” (thanks google maps)…I think you’ll see my point.
So let us, as citizens of countries overshadowed by our larger neighbours, endeavour to be more sensitive to other small countries. As Michael Jackson beautifully said..”heal the world make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race”

Kindest Regards,


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