the c & b diaspora


Posted on: June 25, 2008

So we had a bumpy start in our path to finding a nice place to live but we finally found somewhere. After numerous estate agents being crap and places being expensive to get set up in we turned to flat shares. We have found a nice room in a terraced house in Sale. Sale is 10minutes on the tram to Altrincham, 15 mins to Manchester Central and about 20 mins to the Trafford Centre.

The room is large enough for the time being. An added bonus is that the monthly rent includes all bills and has a fully furnished kitchen so we don’t have to worry about any of that. even has a cleaner come fortnightly to clean communal areas. Sweet. The largest room in the house is becoming available in the next couple of weeks so we will probably move into that one. The landlord is sweet and gave us the keys pretty much straight away. Estate agents were a crock as they wanted us to give them £175 and a completed application form so they could credit check us and stuff. And after all that they could still decline your application and not give you your dollars back. Yay for the one month in advance and the one month deposit.

Upon accepting this room and saving a billion dollars in the process we decided to treat ourselves to a spot of shopping. Armed with our own fun money from home and £100 each we set off to the Trafford Centre. An amazingly huge mall. So huge you’ll have to look at the website and google image it and look at the aerial photos We managed to spend 3 and a half hours there and still not see everything. We both came out with change but will definately be back in the very near future.

I got my River Island jeans they are so comfy and we so cheap. Even if you convert it back to NZ$. I found super cute shoes. They are red and full of coolness. Also, found what I think may be my most favouritest shop. French Connection. Still love River Island jeans but FCUK is just so cute.

Chris and I shopped separately but had meeting times. This was so I didn’t drag him through racks of shoes and clothes and me through the dvd/music/game stores. We did meet up for lunch in the amazing looking food court. The food was shit but the setting fantabulous.

We managed to find the shuttle stop and catch the bus to meet the tram to get back to our hotel room with all our goodies feeling very happy with ourselves.

Next day we got to move into our room. This meant more shopping but for bedding and stuff. We had trouble understanding some of their weird terms, like when we were trying to find a duvet inner. we couldn’t decide if we needed 4.5TOG or 9TOG so… we got a duvet set that had one of each, problem solved. Later found out that 4.5TOG is a summer weight, 9TOG spring/autumn and join them together for a winter. Kinda like my one at home but no where near as awesome.

We are pretty set up in our room now, have a desk, chair, free-standing mirror and lots of clothes horses. A weeks worth of clothing to wash and dry needs to be done in stages. Cooked real food today. Mmmmm real food. Prepackaged food can get rather tedious.

Start work on Monday which i am rather looking forward to. Branch seems tiny but means I’ll get to do heaps of stuff. Chris is going to start looking for a jobbie. Hopefully somewhere where he can get computers or dvds at a discount.we have managed to finish watching all the Outrageous Fortune DVDs and are now waiting for season 4 to be finished already.

All is well here in the Northern Hemisphere. Even though Chris has hayfever from it being Summer. But on a lighter note he is not ticklish in the Northern Hemishpere. LOL



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